“Talking Heads” Kik Video Group Calling Feature

There is no doubt that Kik Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available right now, and the new “talking heads” Kik Video feature that was just added to it has a lot of people talking. With a total of around 300 million users all over the planet, there are definitely a lot of people checking out this latest feature.

There can be up to six different “talking heads” at the top of the screen in a group video call, allowing users to continue messaging each other without any issues. Users will find that the toggle at the top of the individual and group chats will allow them to show themselves at any time.

Chris Best, who is CTO and co-founder of Kik Messenger, stated that they have added full integration into the conversation.

He also added that many platforms that have video chat have something like a hybrid, or they have something that feels very similar to a traditional phone call.

Kik’s Video Approach

Kik Video

Kik’s approach to group video calls is definitely different from what you might expect with Skype or a similar app. While it’s true that Talking Heads is fairly unique, it does borrow quite a bit from Facebook Messenger’s Instant Live Video feature, as well as other things.

The company stated that because their primary demographic is young, they felt as though they needed to come up with a way to keep the conversation flowing as smoothly as possible.

One of the reasons that so many people are talking about this latest feature is because it so different from Apple’s FaceTime, and most other video chat functions of various popular instant messaging apps/programs. It seems as though this new feature has been fairly well received, though only time will tell when it comes to just how most people like it.

With this feature the video streams are fairly small in size, and they float above the chat without getting in the way at all. It is the very clean interface and design that has made this feature so popular with users already.

Kik also went on to say that they wanted their video chat feature to feel as close to a real face-to-face conversation as possible, which is partially why they chose the overall design they did for this particular feature.

The fact that the video chat bubbles are located at the top of the chat page makes it easy for users to type to their friends while watching them with minimal issues. So far there is no instant messaging app that has done this besides Kik Messenger.

What is the Talking Heads Kik Video Feature

Women and Phone

A representative of Kik also stated that they believe that the new Talking Heads feature is going to provide young people with a fun and effective way to go about communicating with their friends face-to-face without actually meeting with them in person.

Kik fully expects this feature to be incredibly successful and popular, partially because of its unique design and the fact that it does certain things better than other instant messaging apps.

Although the Kik CEO did not elaborate any further on this new group video chat feature, it is assumed that the company will be introducing other options that will expand upon the feature significantly.

Kik has always had a desire to keep up with the competition when it comes to the features they have to offer, so there’s no way that they aren’t going to expand on this feature in the near future, and in a pretty big way.

As of right now it seems like a lot of Kik users are really enjoying this function of the popular instant messaging app. Those who want to chat with a group of friends via text but also video will be able to do so in a very easy and convenient manner thanks to this app. Kik has stated that they have carefully created a secondary layer above the chat conversation that is accessible to everyone, even those who are out doing things and not able to switch their phone’s video on.

Although Kik wanted to give the feel of having a face-to-face conversation with someone, they didn’t want to make it exactly like a phone call. The CEO of Kik said that they wanted to make it a seamless upgrade from chat so that users will have an easy time with it.

While it is true that video chat as a whole is a relatively new feature for Kik Messenger, the company has made a point of trying to create the best possible experience for its users who want to see each other while talking.

This talking heads feature may seem a little bit like Facebook Messenger, but it is still quite a bit different overall. These days pretty much all popular instant messaging apps have a video chat feature, but this particular app definitely takes a unique approach to it in a number of ways.

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Features of Kik’s Talking Heads

Although Kik officials haven’t spoken a lot about this new feature, it really does speak for itself. Talking heads is a feature that almost anyone who enjoys group chats will get plenty of use out of.

And despite the fact that it seems like you either need to be completely engaged in the chat or disconnect yourself from it entirely, Kik has stated that that’s simply not the case.

Apparently users can still choose to participate in group chats without having to activate their video. This is an especially great feature for those who want to be part of a group chat but are also out and about and not at home at the moment.

The video chat feature of Kik has been long-anticipated, and it seems as though it has quite a bit to offer. Those who want to have a conversation with a group of friends via both text and video will find that the talking heads feature within this popular instant messaging app has a lot to offer.

One of the very best things about this group video chat feature is that all of the video bubbles are at the top of the screen so that they don’t get in the way of the text conversation (if you choose to use both functions at the same time.)

This recent video chat function has officially brought Kik up to speed with most of the other popular instant messaging platforms used by people all over the world every day. This feature offers users a non obtrusive way to go about video chatting with people as well as talk to them via text.

There is no doubt that live video and photo sharing are both becoming very popular and important with regards to mobile communication, so it’s no surprise that Kik is heading in that direction.

While there still may be a few different features that Kik doesn’t offer yet, it’s only a matter of time. There is absolutely no doubt that Kik wants to remain one of the biggest instant messaging apps in the world, and in order to do that they will have to keep expanding the features they offer. Kik’s new video calling feature has a surprisingly clean interface that almost anyone will find easy to use.


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