How to move your domain email to Gmail

Domain names are the address on the world wide web. They allow users to find your web site and also send you an email. Running servers and ensuring that your email and other programs run correctly is a tedious process. There is a solution which many business took advantage of and that is moving their mail system to the Gmail enterprise email platform.

Provided below are the pros and cons of moving your domain email to Gmail’s platform.

Many people are using their domain email addresses as their personal email as well as for their business purposes. Majority of the people like to have their domain email since it gives a professional touch to the correspondence as well as makes it easy to remember.

Pros and Cons of Operating an email System

It is however not without the drawbacks as using a domain email means you are responsible for everything that happens and there may be certain factors which may not be in your control which will kill the purpose of using your own email server.

You have to deal with power outages, hardware failures, software problems, fire wall or router issues and more. These types of issues usually lead to people switching from their domain email to other options such as Gmail for their e-mail requirements.

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The solution is to have Google handle the domain email for the user while they get to keep their current of their existing e-mail address intact as well. This way, you do not have to inform people about the change in your email address but it would be an internal process.

This means that the user will be using the Google’s webmail interface, but it is all connected to the user’s domain. This is through the Google Apps. Google apps allow the user to transfer their complete e-mail infrastructure to Google. Which means that the user gets to keep their email address, as before, while having the advantages of the email being hosted by Google.

Pros of Gmail’s Email platform

Gmail Business Email Address G Suite

Gmail Business Email Address G Suite

There are the pros of moving your domain email to Gmail:

  • Google uptime
  • It has online solution for storage
  • Google has a better and higher speed
  • There is long term stability associated with Google or Gmail as compared to using your own domain email.
  • Google has a spam protection that is really popular.
  • It provides full support for IMAP (with idle)
  • There is complete support for SMTP, which means there is no need for a separate outgoing server
  • There is SSL support for both incoming as well as for outgoing mail
  • You do not have to worry about keeping the e-mail server up.
  • You get to use all of the Gmail features
  • You get all of the Google power and use it on your domain
  • It is equipped with chat, calendar and docs
  • You can access your emails from any device or browser and from anywhere.
  • You can store all of your emails at Gmail account instead of using of all the storage space at your mail server.

How to make the transition to Gmail

Once you have decided that you want to switch your domain email to Gmail, you need to start the process by first signing up for Google apps. Once you have signed up for Gmail apps, you have to click on the icon that says “standard edition” which will avoid them from making money.

If you already have a domain email set up then you simply enter the details and go on with the sign up. Or else, there is also an option to buy a domain for yourself from Google.

Once the set up is done, then you need to sync your email. Gmail can easily handle email that has tags and not folder. In order to start, you should begin with archiving all of your emails.

Whatever will be in the trash can folder will get automatically deleted within 30 days. You can make tags that you can use while making sure you prefix all of the tags with Gmail. So currently the user should have [Gmail]/Archived, [Gmail]/Drafts, [Gmail]/Queue, and [Gmail]/Trash. These help to archive and move your email folder to the Gmail account.

Then you should set up your connection to Gmail just like you do with everything else. For you to do that, you should log into your account then go to the settings section and then forwarding and pop/iMap and then click on the enable iMap and finally click on the option for save. This will give you the exact same email account that you have with your domain email.

There is yet another way of switching your domain email to Gmail. This process is also quite simple and easy if you follow these basic steps:

  • First you need to create an account on the Google apps (free of cost)
  • Then you need to verify the domain-ownership with Google
  • Next, change your MX records in order to point to Gmail servers
  • Now you have to wait for it to update for at least ten minutes
  • You can pay a fees for upgrade and then import everything for another online email account

The costs of transferring from domain email to Gmail

Transferring your domain email to Gmail is although quite simple and easy, but not without its costs. Not only does the user has to get used to a new system of using their emails, but also have to go through the correct way of setting up the email system as well. When you transfer your domain email to Gmail server, there is a registration cost that the user must pay. Which means, the cost of having to transfer your domain is the price of one year of registration for that particular domain? For instance, if there is a domain that is costing about $12 per annum, the users have the option of transferring that to the Google domain for simply $12 as well as buy another year of registration. In fact if the domain was registered till January 1, 2019 before the transfer happened, then it will be registered till the time of January 1, 2020 even after the transfer has taken place.

The disadvantages of moving your domain email to Gmail is the added cost that you must pay plus a few other disadvantages as listed below:

  • There may be some regulatory issues that can cause problems, if the user is working in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare then you must talk to and take advice from the legal department whether the switch is legal or not.
  • Privacy can prove to be an issue. The user has to decide how much they can trust Google to use it for their personal and private emails. Even though there have never been any problems or negative publicity with Google, it varies from person to person how much they value their privacy.


Google Apps Gmail is a great idea to use when people want to switch from their domain to using Gmail for their email needs. Gmail provides an easy and a reliable answer to their email problems which might exists with the domain email. Moreover, this option gives them the opportunity to keep their original email intact while benefiting from Gmail services.

Moreover, Gmail is a known interface and so the user would be comfortable working on it and this gives them enough time to get the feel of the new mail server. Thus, switching over to Gmail is quite simple and easy with numerous benefits that definitely outweigh the costs and is a simple process which the users can benefit form.


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