FaceApps old age app has gone viral

You likely seen all the photos of your favorite celebrities popping up on the interest and social media looking much older, that is a result of a filter from an app called FaceApp.

Faceapp old age filter and the pictures that accompany it have gone viral. In the process it has spawned a new challenge of people posting pictures of themselves how they would look like when they are 60.

While this isn’t the first app and filter to recently spring up regarding the changing the look or gender of the person, it’s the one that is currently trending.

Downloading FaceApp App

The FaceApp app has been downloaded more then 100 million times, making it the top app in both iOS and on Google’s App Store.  You can also get it on iOS.

There are two versions of the app, a free and a paid version. The free version has limited features. However, don’t worry the old age filter is included in the free version.

How does the FaceApp Work

Once you take a picture of your self with the app, the picture is sent to FaceApp’s servers where it applies AI technology to age you. For the most part the pictures of the celebrities do look like they had aged accordingly, some betters then others.

How to take the FaceApp Challenge

Step 1. If you haven’t downloaded the app, you will need to download it. After its been downloaded. Open the App

Step 2. Next you will see a number of options, Facebook, Gallery and celebrities.

Step 3. If you want to use one of your previously taken selfies, select the gallery option, if you want to use your Facebook pictures then select Facebook. You can also take a new picture within the gallery option.

Step 4 Once you have your picture you want, you will see a number of options such as smile and age. Select Age. Then select Old from that list.

Step 5, After that just press apply

The app will do the rest, you can also make layout changes to the picture.

Who Makes FaceApp

While the Faceapp old age challenge went viral, the company behind it has been working on the app on it for the last 2 years. FaceApp is a mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android. The App is developed by a Russian company called Wireless Labs. The company uses AI technology to generate realistic faces and photos. Which is why the pictures of aged celebrities look so real.

Concerns with FaceApp

Given the interference in the 2016 election by Russian, many individuals are voicing concerns about tech companies that share/send personal information to Russia. As we mentioned above, the company has been around for a couple years as has he app, in those couple years the company has garnered some attention for its privacy setting/controls. In the terms of service, the app states that it will collect your phone’s browser history. Also it ask you to access your library of photos and if you upload a photo to their servers, in their terms of service it state that they are able to use your image/likeness for any purpose that they desire, which raises privacy concerns.

The FaceApp also uses the Facebook login which allows it to obtain additional information about you. As a result many have been rising red flags regarding the app.


The Faceapp has gone viral, driven by celebrities posting pictures of themselves of how they will look when they are 60. The FaceApp is one of the most popular apps now, and can be downloaded from either Google’s or Apple’s store. While there are some privacy concerns, most people don’t seem to be too concerned with the company having complete control of the images that they are uploading to the servers. As a result there are a lot of images being posted which are fun and interesting to look at.


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