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Do you have an Android Phone, is it full of wonderful app that make the phone enjoyable to us? Do some of the apps that you use have some issues that bother you? Like pop up ads? If so, there is a solution to your issue which will make the use of those apps more enjoyable. Download The Android Lucky Patcher APK – One of the most popular Android apps of the last couple years is Lucky Patcher. The Lucky Patcher App provides solutions to issues which most users would consider the most irritating aspect of the app that they are using.

What is Lucky Patcher?

The Lucky Patcher app is a utility App that enhances a user’s android experience. The app does many things such as remove app permissions, and other system apps are just a few features of the app. The app removes all the annoying features in other apps, such as limited lives in games, or ads in other apps. Please note that the Lucky Patcher does require root access on your phone. You can use the app without providing root access however all the features will not be available to you. We will cover all of the features the Lucky Patcher App offers below. Additionally, we will provide how to download the app and some frequently asked questions.

Lucky Patcher for PC

The lucky Patcher app is a program that enhances your phone and app experience however, those who want they can also run the app on their desktop. In order to run the Lucky Patcher App on your desktop pc you will need an Android to PC emulator like bluestack.

If you have the Bluestack emulator already installed, you can go through the normal process of adding the app to the emulator. As a side note, if you run Lucky Patcher on your desktop, the changes would not apply to the apps on your phone. Basically what you can’t do is run the lucky patcher app on your desktop to remove ads from an app on your mobile phone. They need to be on the same platform.

How to download and Install the Lucky Patcher APK?

Downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher APK  app is a pretty simple process, which we will guide you through the process with our step by step instructions.

  1. Download the latest version of the Lucky Patcher APK file – You can download the latest APK file from the link below or from luckypatchers.com. When you try to download the file you may get a warning from Google Chrome that the file is dangerous. You can bypass that by clicking on the “visit the unsafe site” I believe that the reason for that error is because of the ad blocking feature within the program.
  2.  Unzip the File – Once you download the file you will need to unzip/unrar the file. If you don’t have one installed already then you will need to install an app that will allow you to unzip the file.
  3. Install the APK – Once the file is unzipped you will then be able to go into the folder and run the APK file which will install the Lucky Patcher App file on your android based phone. During this process you will receive a couple warning during the installation process. You can bypass those warnings. Otherwise it won’t allow you to install the app.

As you can see there are not a lot of steps to install the app. The worst part is getting the file downloaded and unzipped.

What are your system’s requirements?

So you decided to install the Lucky Patcher file but are not sure if your phone can handle it, if the software apps are compatible.

  • Root Access – In order to use all the available functions you’ll need to have root access on your phone
  • Version –  Android 2.3.3 Version or higher
  • Ram – 2GB of ram on your phone
  • Free Space – 10 Gb of free space on your phone in order for the phone to run at peak performance.


Official Lucky Patcher Download Links

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Download Lucky Patcher Ver 7.2.2 Apk


Lucky Patcher App Features

Lucky Patcher Features Screen Shot

Usually the functionality of an app revolves are one main feature, for example if its a game there are no other functions other then the game play. The Lucky Patcher app comes with 7 functions within the app that are equally important.

1 – Modify Apps to Block and Remove Ads from other Apps

As recently demonstrated by the Facebook debacle, apps have the ability to compromise your privacy. Additionally Facebook tracks users through there ads. Well if you want to get some of your privacy back you can with one of the features in the Lucky Patcher App, which allows you to block/remove ads from the app.

2 – Hack many game apps to unlock all features

So your playing a game, about to complete the level or even maybe the game and your player dies, your out of lives and if the game issue lives on a time delay, you have to wait until your time is up in order to get next life to try again. Well if you have the Lucky Patcher app, you don’t have to wait any more. It has the ability to provide unlimited lives and unlock many other in game prizes

3 – Ability to Uninstalled unwanted apps

One of the nice things about smartphones is the ability to add any app that you desire, adding apps that you want on your phone. One of the downsides is that you don’t have the ability to remove unwanted aps. Maybe you need the space, maybe you just don’t want the app on your phone. Lucky Patcher has a solution for that. It will allow you to remove any app that is installed on your phone.

4 – Backup patched app and games

Another feature of the Lucky Patcher app is the ability to backup patched apps. When you customize an app with the features provide in Lucky Patcher, it becomes a Patched App. The Lucky Patcher app has an option that will allow you to back up that version of the app. So that you don’t have to go through the process of patching the app the next time you want to use it.

5 – Backup android apps and games to SD Card

If your phone has a slot for an SD Card, you know that from time to time having the ability to save files and pictures to an SD Card is helpful. However you have may noticed that your unable to save or back up your apps to an SD Card. With the Lucky Patcher app, now you can backup your android apps and games to an SD Card. Saving apps and games to an SD Card can come in really handy if your phone gets stolen, lost or damaged.

6 – Remove unwanted App permissions from untrusted apps

As we install more and more apps on our phones, we discover that some of them do more damage to our phones and our privacy then we expected. The Lucky Patcher app provides a solution to that issue. It allows you to place restrictions on what your apps can access. Please note doing so may impact the performance of the apps.

7 – Lucky Patcher can stop requests for license verification/app purchases of premium apps

If you have an app that has a license verification or notification pop up every time you use it, or prevents you from using it because of that notification now you can get that corrected with one of the features in Lucky Patcher.

Stats and information on Lucky Patcher Apk

Is Lucky Patcher safe to use? Is it a Malware or Virus

The Official lucky Patcher app has been tested and it is not considered a virus or malware. There are no reported issues of it crashing the phone or apps while it is in use. However some apps may not function if you have it installed on your phone. Some features of the lucky Patcher App remove in app advertising and unlock lives which would normally be done by an in app purchase as a result some apps are disabling usage while lucky patcher is present.

Additionally, there are many websites that have created a fake Lucky Patcher app, those apps have not been tested but they are likely to have a virus or malware, which is why we highly suggest to only download the app via official channels.

Is the Lucky Patcher App Legal?

While there are aspects of the Lucky Patcher App that do violate the terms of service of other app, such as the ability to disable ads or unlock additional lives the app its self is legal and is considered a utility for the other functions that it provides such as the ability to delete unwanted apps and create backups.

Does Lucky Patcher work on All Apps?

While the app works on many of the popular apps, it may not work on every app. That is due to different variations of software and programs within the app that Lucky Patcher is asked to fix/replace, it is not possible for it to have all the configurations for every android app. Therefore while it works on most apps there maybe some apps that it will not work on.

Is Lucky Patcher available for iOS?

According to their official website, Lucky Patcher is not available for iOS. If you come along a Lucky Patcher App for iOS, at this moment it is likely fake and can cause damage to your phone/OS. If Lucky Patcher is available for the iOS platform it is likely only to be available for jailbroken phones and not likely that you would be able to find it in the iOS app store.


The Lucky Patcher app is one of the fastest growing android utility apps as downloads of the app are approaching close to 1 Billion downloads. The app is loaded with features and functions that are either annoying on other apps or missing from their functionality. The app is safe, easy to download and use. However other apps are catching on to its features and prevent their apps from running while Lucky Patcher is installed on your phone.



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